3 ways to maximize your potentials and achieve the best out of yourself


Being able to maximize your potentials is key to self-actualization and it takes conscious efforts.

Below are some recommended measures that can help you to maximize your potentials and achieve the best out of yourself.


Focusing on the bigger picture is one of the core ingredients in helping you maximize your potentials and achieve the best out of oneself.

The bigger picture in this case refers to your Ultimate goals, what you dream of achieving and where you want to see yourself in the years ahead. Let’s day in the next 2, 3, 5, 10years and beyond.

Among many other reasons, focusing on the bigger picture gives you strength and energy to carry on in life regardless of how difficult the present may seem. It gives us inner motivation and helps us to stay on course.

People who are unable to focus on the bigger picture are easily to give up on their dreams when challenges arise and storms come after them.

People who are not able to lay hold of the bigger picture, easily compromises and let go everything they stand for.


Below are some proven measures that can be adopted to help stay focus on the bigger picture;

  1. Practice Self-Discipline: Your ability to discipline yourself to do what you are supposed to do at the exact time will help you get better results in anything you venture than any other single factor. Being discipline helps you maintain focus and momentum, regardless of times and seasons.

Sometimes, our emotions compel us to reschedule some important tasks and schedules when we are not able to discipline ourselves enough.

Being discipline will help you follow your priorities as scheduled, whether we feel like doing it or not.

  • Commit yourself to your Goals:  By committing yourself to your goals, you are able to follow through with your plans and actions that will consequently lead to achieving better results. Resolve to commit yourself to every goal you have set for yourself, especially with those tasks that cannot wait.

To wrap the first point up in a quote, I would use that of Brian Tracy that No life ever grows great until is focused, dedicated and disciplined”

  1. MANAGE YOURSELF: Another way that you can maximize your potentials to achieve the best out of yourself, is to learn to manage yourself. Normally, people prioritize on time management but in reality, you can’t manage time as supposed. Any attempt to manage time is rather an attempt to manage oneself. I believe strongly that time cannot be managed. But we can rather manage ourselves due to the following reasons;

Time is a fixed asset that no man can modify. You can’t negotiate time just as you can’t control it.

Everyone has got 24hrs in a day including the young, aged, rich, poor and the middle class.

There is nothing you can do to shrink or expand the 24hrs but of course you can rather improve upon your output in every minute by being mindful of how you spend every moment of your time. Time waits for no man. Time is no respecter of persons. Whether you are busy, idle, sleeping, working, etc. the clock will continue to tick in every second.

So instead of trying to manage what you have no power to control, I would rather advise that you rather manage yourself and everything you to achieve the best out of the time we’ve all got at our disposal.

And you can best manage yourself my scheduling the most important tasks that are fundamental to helping you stay focused on the bigger picture.

Arrange your priorities in other of importance on the scale of what needs to be done first and what should come next.

  • ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU ARE DOING: Without a strong purpose, anything at all, in life is hard. So, always have constant reminders that will keep reminding you on the need to endure everything you are going through.

Not that everyone enjoys what they are found of doing but normally because of a certain result, a certain goal, a certain dream and certain bigger picture they are looking up to.

Before you give up on anything, remember you started in the first place.

Before you call it a quit and tender your resignation, pause and rethink what actually got you started in the first place.

Regardless times and seasons, always Focus on the bigger picture

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