5 Easy ways to make money Online

In this article, I will be sharing with you some ways to leverage your use of the internet to make money for yourself either as a part time or full time.

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Online Tutoring
  3. Blogging
  4. Creating and selling products (digital or physical product)
  5. Making videos on YouTube and social media platforms
  1. Affiliate marketing. Is a form of marketing where a vendor pays commission to a retailer for traffics or sales generated from its referral.

The product owner allows certain percentage to affiliates as commissions.

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There are a variety of affiliate marketing platforms where such products are listed for promotional purpose

In this case, the vendor is the one who owns the product (physical or digital) whereas the retailer is you, the one promoting it, which we call affiliate.

It requires no startup cost, and anyone at all can do it with or without experience (I have a video on the channel that is more detailed about affiliate marketing and the link too is in the description, Kindly check it out for more details after this.

All you need is to identify a suitable affiliate program, sign up for it and kick start.

I also have another video about getting started with the best 10 affiliate programs which will help you if you are able to get it to watch

2. Online tutoring: Another way to make money online this year is to take your skills and knowledge online. There are a lot of people online who may be in need of your skills, knowledge and experience. Begin your online tutoring lessons and make money from your skills.

Set up an online classroom and put your lessons on the internet and people will be chasing you for more.

You can deploy your tutoring lessons using social media or personal website. [SECRET EMAIL SYSTEM]

But as a starter and due to cost effectiveness, Social media is the way to go. You can use your existing account or set up new pages for that purpose and start building your audience. It would amaze you to know the number of audience who may be interested to follow your lessons if you deliver good lessons

3. Blogging. Another smart way to start making money online is through blogging. Now let me remind you that in this 21st century, information sells more than anything.

Probably you are thinking about the cost involved in purchasing a domain and hosting. You are not too far from right. But what if I tell you that you can still do well without custom domain names.

Here is the thing, I have a blog that I have been running for years now and the domain name is still blogspot.com. you can check it here https://richnewsgh.blogspot.com/

In as much as getting a custom domain helps your google ranks, i must also inform you that content is king and content is key.

By devoting and committing to consistent publishing of posts on your blog, you will definitely crawl in. [SECRET EMAIL SYSTEM]

Blogging is all in one. All in one in the sense that you can make money with your blog through several means.

Refer to this post for more details on how to launch a successful blog that can start fetching you money from day 1.

Do you have anything that you want to share knowledge and write about, go ahead and launch your free blog with the default domain until you are sure it is worth investing in domain and hosting.

Read more on beginners’ guide to launching a successful blog here:

4. Creating and selling products (digital or physical product) is another proven way to make money online. Creating products may sometime require startup capitals, especially when it has to do with physical product.

In some jurisdictions, this method can be classified as freelancing, where you can be outsourced on multiple tasks by variety of clients who are in need of your service at a cost

But also consider crating some digital products like e-book, tutorials, consultation services, developing software, graphics designs, etc.

These may not require any startup capital but rather, putting into use, your skills.

  • YouTube Videos: Videos are in high demand across YouTube and all social media platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Making videos on social media platforms has emerged as one of the profit-making ventures. Do you have any talent to showcase, anything entertaining or any idea worth bringing it into light through videos and animations, that is another mind blowing money making machine.

Before this whole thing looks scary to you, let me tell you that you don’t always have to be in front of the camera in order for you to be able to create your videos.

I never showed my face in one of my channels which makes me approximately $2.5k every month. There are so many ways to create a video without having to own a camera, let alone to mention of showing your face in the camera.

I never owned any camera but yet I was producing and publishing videos on my YouTube channel every blessed day.

Visit this post to read more about how to create videos without showing yourself


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