Activate your third eye by Richard Amponsah.

Have you ever been confronted with some statement like “you have eye but you can’t see”?

Open your eyes well? Do you see what I see? Can you see well? Etc.

If you have before, I would like to know how it feels like to be asked such a question or be confronted with such statements.

We see clearly with our minds than we do with our eyes.

That is to say that we see through our eyes with our mind.

When you train your mind well, you are likely to activate something in your mind which I call “the third eye”. To see beyond what the ordinary man can see.

Activating the third eye is a mastery that anyone who strives to achieve greatness should work on.

People who have their third eye active are visionary and focused.

It takes a visionary person to see into the future and act on it in the present age.

So once John Schurly said, “The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious”.

Everyone has the third eye, but only a few people use them and end up becoming great men and women.

Did you know that you have a third eye? And how functional is it??

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