Beginner’s guide to affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing has to do with promoting other people’s products or services to earn a commission from the action taken on your referral.

You don’t necessarily have to make sales before you earn commission on the product or service you are promoting. You can also get paid when your referrals complete simple actions like completing a registration, signup, filling out forms, completing some survey, etc.

The reason most people associate affiliate marketing to sales is because that is where most of the commissions come from, and of course the higher commissions. But generally, it is not only about making sales.

In our previous post 5 SMART WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH ZERO CAPITAL IN 2022 we looked at how affiliate marketing remains unbeaten in the make money online list.

In this article, we will be looking at how to get started with your affiliate marketing journey.

First of all, you need to understand that not all make money online activities are get rich quick scheme, which affiliate marketing is of no exemption. Be willing to stay on course for some time with much effort and patience.

Step 1:

You need to have an idea of the kind of products that you want to promote. While most people recommend that you choose a niche or category of products or services that you are passionate about or like, I don’t sincerely give that advise. Though is it believed that by choosing a niche you are most passionate about, you would be able to promote it the better and write reviews about it. But what if, the product you are passionate about does not sell well online?

So the question is “would you go in for products that you don’t have any prior knowledge about that sells (I don’t mean to say promoting anything at all because of money) or you will rather opt for products that you are passionate about, but does not sell well online”? The answer is obvious.

You can learn to be anything but don’t allow money to make you promote fake and bad products or services. In the long run, it will affect your brand and integrity.

So I would rather advise that you learn about product that are doing well in the business so you can look for more information about it to promote

Step 2.

Once you are set about your niche(s), you then proceed to sign up for a slot with affiliate platforms that have outstanding track records like;

  9. eBay Partners.
  10. Nerdwallet affiliates

While clickbank does not support some countries, most of them, do.

Step 3. Get your unique affiliate link.

The unique id or link that you will be given after your registration is your referral link which will automatically be appended to your products link in order for the website to be able to track your leads and sales.

While most affiliate programs will give you an automatic affiliate Identification code after your successful sign up, some would also require you make a request from the product owners for approval until you are given the permission to promote the product along with your unique affiliate Id.

A typical example is warriorplus affiliate programs.

It is required that you send a request and wait for the product owner to approve your request before you are allowed to promote their product or services.

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