Do Not be Intimidated!

Do not allow the intimidations to get to you!

As you go through life, the day and your daily routines, you will come across people who will accidentally, or sometimes intentionally make your life difficult. [Read Also: It is never too Late to STart Over]

Some will will unhelpful, inconsiderate, argumentative or rude. Some will be unkind or, possibly, plainly nasty with bad manners.

I want you to know that beforehand so that when it happens, it will not take you by surprise by way of utterly intimidated. The key things about intimidation is that, it is meant to frustrate, disgrace, embarrass and discourage you. This is why I am happy you have come across this piece of inspiration as a way of caution.

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I don’t mean for you to be rude. Neither do i mean for you to retaliate. I simply want you to take a stand as you go through your activities in the day by not allowing the intimidations to get to you.


Tell whoever seeks to intimidate you with a nice smile that, “it is too late to intimidate me” you came too late. And guess what? You have already conquered that intimidation.


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