[EBook] Living in the Light_ A guide to personal transformation


We are living in a very exciting and powerful time. On the deepest level of consciousness, a radical transformation is taking place. As the evolutionof human conscioconsciousness gains greter and greater momentum, we are being challenged, on a planetary level, to let go our present way of life and create a new one. In a sense, our “old world” is dying, and a new world is coming into being.

For many of us, the old world was based on an external focus-having lost our fundamental spiritual connections, we have believed that the material world is the only reality, Thus, feeling essentially lost, empty, and alone, we have continualy attempted to find happiness and fulfilment thorugh external” :things” -money, material possessions, relationships, work, fame, food, drugs and so on.

Welcome to a new way of life!

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