Knowing it all is not enough because it benefits no one until you act on it

Knowing it all is not enough because it benefits no one until you act on it

The world is full of people who knows much and does little. And it is so common to see unsuccessful people with great talents, skills and high level of knowledge.

Because the value of an idea lies in the using of it. So until you practicalize what you know for the benefits of others, no one would notice your worth.

As a matter of fact, people do not really care about what you know but rather what you do.

And it is simply because knowledge is best expressed in actions.  If you know everything and does nothing, how does the world benefit from your know how?

Let me help you realise what you know by doing this exercise together.

Take a sheet of paper, get a pencil or pen or better still open your notepad.

And write down this.

The question we are answering is, what do you know?

Personalize the question into What do I know?

Distant yourself from any form of distraction and let’s be sincere with ourselves.

Begin your answers with the preamble; I know how to; and list everything you know in that sheet.

Write everything such as skills, talents, training received and every knowledge applicable.

Sometimes the best solution emerges when we empty our mind on a paper.

Once you are done, the next question to ask yourself is “what have i done with these skills, knowledge, talents and training I have listed”?

And you would realize where the problem is coming from. I believe you know a lot and the right time to start putting hem them into use through action. Because knowledge is best expressed in actions. Knowing is not enough until we are ready to act on them. It is by so doing that the world will acknowledge our worth because of the impacts and benefit we bring to the society and the world at large. You should constantly be asking yourself, how what you know benefits the people around us.

You don’t need to know everything in the world. Neither should you wait to become perfect at something before you start putting what you know into use. We learn on the job and once you take the step with the litle you know, you become exposed to countless ideas and knowledge

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