Start at the beginning.

No one Starts off from the top.

Imagine you were going to take a long trip across the country. The first step you would take would be to choose your destination and then get a road map to determine the very best way to get there.

Before you get started each day, you would locate yourself on a map relative to where you were and where you planned to go in the hours and days ahead.

Life is very much same.

Determine where you want to go in life by setting a goal. (Destination)

Identify where you are and where you have to begin from. (Road Map)

The starting point cannot be overlooked and neither can it be avoided.

There is no shortcut to greatness. (The process is important)

Make it as part of your plans to start at the very beginning and surely, success will be your portion as you don’t give up on the way. (Winners do not quit)

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