start with what you have-

Start with what you have!

A lot of people have been made to believe and think that

you need a lot of money

you need to achieve a certain level of education

you need to wait for a certain time

you need to wait for everything to fall in place before you can start.

So when you sit down to analyze the cost, requirements and the prerequisites, it looks scary, impossible and hectic.

And before you realise, you have already given up on the starting.

If you want to know what really stops most people from doing, it is basically the START.

A lot of people STOP before STARTING. It sounds ironic right?

If you would take a deep breath and ask yourself why you haven’t acted on that long awaiting plan, you would understand that it is the start that has made you stagnant.

Even as at now, you still believe and think that the time is not right and that you have to check for some few things before you can see if you can start.

But let me help you here. The time will never be right and you will never feel like you are ready to start because the unfortunate thing is that things will never fall in place completely like you are anticipating and by the time you would realize this, you will understand why most of the time, LATER BECOMES NEVER. And so, I say, START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE

I don’t know which direction you want to take and the goals you have set for yourself in life, but if you are able to have access to this message and can understand what I’m sharing with you at this moment, then it is a clear indication that you have something to begin with but it’s either you haven’t realized that or you think it is not enough to capitalize on.

Incase it has escaped you; we are already in the information age and we all have equal opportunity regardless. So, Robert Kiyosaki said “in this information age, anyone can be wealthy because we all have access to the same information via the internet” and he is absolutely right except that I am of the view that you need knowledge to decode the information at our disposal to make it more useful.

And I love this advice from Benjamin Franklin. He said and I quote, “Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Gone are the days when acquiring huge facilities, lump sums of capital, owning a respected brand and franchises were the major starting for business start- ups.

Thanks be to the information age that in the 21st century, business can be run from our palm with a tap of finger as information tends to be the bloodline of organizations.

I humbly beseech you to start with what you have, right at where you are because the longer you wait, the more obsolete your ideas become and your risk of not starting at all.

Let me use the illustration of a bird making a nest to better explain the concept of starting with what you have.

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