The Future is Cheap! Find out How

Anyone who can anticipate which company’s investments will have the
highest value in the next ten years, can buy into those investments today at a relatively cheap price. If you knew which real estate would be most expensive in the next twenty years, you could buy it very cheap today.

By careful observation of historical evidence, Jacob knew what the blessing of the birthright had done for his father Isaac. The history of Abraham his grandfather and Isaac his father helped him to determine what was important in his life. God called Abraham and
blessed him greatly. Before he died, Abraham transferred the blessing to his son Isaac.

Jacob knew that as a result of the birthright, his father Isaac had prospered tremendously as an immigrant worker in a hostile nation. As a result of that keen sense of history, Jacob knew the future belonged to the one who possessed the blessing of the birthright. How much does the future cost? Simply, the value of the future is in the eyes of the keen observer. Value is in the eyes of the beholder.

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inspired by Dr. Mensa Otabil ~ Buy the Future

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