The Road Map to 2023

The Road Map to 2023 by Richard Amponsah.

All too soon, Christmas is here again.

As if this year was never going to end.

This year was full of surprises, lessons, experiences, losses, gains, shocks, etc. but by God being so good he has this far and so we say glory be unto his name, and congratulations, you finally made it to the last week of the year 2022 – regardless.

It’s funny huh? Yeah, Merry Christmas.


While we are trusting that the Lord will graciously usher us into the year 2023, I have come your way with a series of tips that I want you to carefully give to which I have titled, “the road map to 2023” as part of the preparations we are making ahead of the coming year.

I am doing my possible best to compress it into 4, 5 episodes at most. So do well and follow through to the last one. And this, of course is the first episode.

December though has 31 days but surprisingly, it turns out to be one of the shortest-lived month. And the secret is because it is full of activities, fun, merry marking, holidays, partying, etc.

And if you have noticed, you would realize that time really flies when have much to do, yeah when you have a busy schedule, time flies like something. So a lot of people meet the new year unprepared and I wouldn’t want that to be your case.


  1. Self Assessment/Evaluation

If you haven’t done this already, I want you to take some time out of your busy schedules and do a thorough self-assessment.

If you really have any idea the improvement that self-assessment can bring to all the areas of your life, you will make it a daily routine something.

I want you to do this before the year ends. Assess yourself in all the areas that matters most in your life. How well did you do this year? – Morally, socially, financially,

What value did you add to your life this year? In terms of skills, knowledge, upgrade.

How productive were you this year? How did you use your time? What did you invest yourself, time, energy and resources in? Was it worth it??

What was your greatest achievement this year? And your biggest loss?
What could you have done better?
it is by making time to assess yourself that you will have genuine answers to all these questions.

The mistakes you made that cost you dearly. The decisions you regret making them, the lessons you learned from the chances you failed to take and other things.

I want you to take this serious because it’s going to do a great good in the coming year and the magic is that you are going to have clear picture of how your life is going to look like after this assessment because it is going to reveal so many things to you that you would be amazed.

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