Turn your wounds into wisdom

Turn your wounds into wisdom by Richard Amponsah

Certain lessons in life are not meant to be understood until they have been experienced.

There are certain lessons in life that you will never understand them until they happen to you. So, it is often said that Experience is the best teacher.

We are surrounded by wounds and scars all over, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. including babies.

In fact, anyone who has been through this life under the sun has wounds and scars to show or to talk about.

I don’t know the kind of would you may be battling with, neither do I have the slightest idea about the wound that led to the scar that always come to mind and you get so angry and bitter.

Wounds have the potential to either make you BITTER or BETTER depending on how you handle them.

Some people are this bitter not because they are heartless, inconsiderate and rude. People are that sentimental not because they don’t have manners or they are uncivilized as we go about giving names.

If you really know the problems some people have been through, your perception about them would definitely be different. If you have any idea about the scars that some lessons have left in peoples’ life, you wouldn’t just judge them the way we do from distance.

But it will surprise you to know that the wound that turned someone into a monster, also made someone a blessing. The same Scars that made someone BITTER also made others BETTER, due to how each of them handled their wounds.

You may probably know someone who has been living a happy life and if you are not careful, you will be mistaken to think that they’ve had it easy in life. That is a lie.

If they are to share with you the wounds they’ve had to battle with at certain points in their life, you would be speechless.

The secret about wounds is that if you are able to learn wisdom out of that, it will set you in a better place tomorrow.

I understand some people can hurt you so badly that the only thing you can think of is to revenge because anyone in their right sense of judgement upon hearing your side of the story would say you don’t deserve to be treated that way.

But the point is that, no matter the amount of satisfaction that the revenge may bring you, it still won’t make things better, that is why you need to let it go and learn your lessons.

The Moment of frustration, sleepless night, loneliness, hunger, rejection, neglections and hardships should rather teach us some wisdom to be better off thereafter and not to see it as grounds to behold grudges. What lesson did you learn from that disappointment?

What lesson did that heartbreak teach you? What about the hunger and rejections. The homeless and sleepless nights.

I want you to one day cast your mind back into some moments in your life and happily say ‘I wouldn’t be this better, independent and disciplined if it had not been for that wound.

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