Two major obstacles to success and achievement

The two major obstacles to success and achievement are fear and doubt.

It is first of all, the fears of failure, poverty, loss, embarrassment or rejection that holds the average person back from trying in the first place. Fear is only a mental monster that deprives us from unleashing our full potentials and it resides mainly in imaginations.

The second mental obstacle, closely aligned to fear, is that of self-doubt.

We doubt our own abilities. We compare ourselves unfavorably to others, and think that others are somehow better, smarter and more competent than we are. We think, “I’m not good
We feel inadequate and inferior to the challenges of
achieving the great goals that we so much want to accomplish.

Whenever you see that someone something better than you can do, it doesn’t mean the person is better than you. It is only a proof that the person has learned to do it better. And the truth be told, you can learn to be anything you want to be if only you will replace confidence with self-doubt.

The primary antidotes to doubt and fear are courage and confidence.
The higher your level of courage and confidence, the lower will be
your levels of fear and doubt, and the less effect these negative
emotions will have on your performance and behavior.

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