BE PATIENT TO GROW IT by Richard Amponsah

One fundamental of success that I want to share with you today is PATIENCE.

Patience is Golden and impatience is disaster.

Many people could not taste the fruit of their labor because they couldn’t wait a little longer to see the success of their endeavor.

Your ability to persistently practice patience in politeness is a great measure of Success and growth.

The truth is that growth requires time, success requires time and time too requires patience. So I say, be patient to grow it.

Patience is a great attribute of success. That is why it is very unlikely for anyone who is not patient to be successful in most of the things they venture in.

I understand that sometimes things may not work they way we expected it. It may delay of course, but delay does not mean failure. Once you are able to hold on to it and wait a little longer, it will definitely come to past.

In the absence of patience, quitting is inevitable and given up remains the priority.

It takes patience for a farmer to continue in hard labor without produce until it is time for harvest.

Patience in its large sense is not about how long you wait but more of what you do while you wait.

I don’t know what you are patiently working on but I want to encourage you not to give up probably because things are not really working out the way you want. Understand this, that your patience will pay off. The strife will be over and the battle will soon be done but it is only the patience who would triumph over the cost of time.

I strongly believe that you are up to something, and that is a good indication of a better tomorrow.

However, do not forget to be patient in your pursuit.

Do not judge the day by the harvest you reap but rather by the seed you sow.

Share this piece of article with those friends of yours that you wish they can be a little more patient to trust the process because you believe success is rest assured.

Let’s connect and build a community of success driven mindset.

Written by Richard Amponsah (Financial Freedom Community)

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