How to control your spending habit.

He who can’t manage little, can’t be trusted with much.

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I put together this piece of article for you so that you will understand that waiting to get rich before you start taking care of your money is like waiting to get married before you start dating. You can imagine the endless troubles you would keep getting yourself in.

Research has it that most of the purchasing decision people make is out of emotion and it’s practically true. There is no doubt about that. Except that you have not realized it. So there is this popular quote that states that ‘if you can’t control your emotions, you can’t control your money.

How well you will do financially is not always dependent on how much you earn as a salary, neither is it always as a result of your take home commissions but rather, how much you keep at the end of the day.

Earning a high salary is not a guarantee of financial stability. If you don’t know this secret, you might think that someone who is earning something higher and still doing poorly is bewitched as compared to someone who is taking something less and still doing better.  Not that I don’t believe in Spirituality. I sincerely do but before you try to make everything spiritual, make sure you have exhausted your sense of reasoning.

If you have noticed, you will admit that anytime you get money, your preferences change automatically to align with the amount of money you have at your disposal. It is during that moment that you begin to remember the tall list of your needs. This is where the problem creep in because we start getting emotional in an attempt to get instant gratification.

Money has the power to make every decision emotional and until you are able to control those emotions that arise anytime you get money, you would realise that money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.

The best way to control your emotion as far as making financial decision is concerned is to practice a delayed gratification. Do not be in a hurry to satisfy your needs once you get your hands on money. Delay your purchasing decisions no matter how urgent it may be.

It is difficult to differentiate emotional decisions from urgent decisions, and not all urgent things are important. Learn to have your emotions under control and you would realise an increase in your savings.

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