How to Manage Information Overload

In today’s economy, the speed that makes us strong is the speed at which we process the bulk of information available to us and how we use the processed information to accomplish tasks assigned to us. It is not so much what you know but how quickly you can translate what you know into what you do.

How to manage information overload?

The information age has made it possible for us to have access to large volumes of material through books, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the internet. The speed and rapidity at which such information gets to us creates a problem of information overload. It is like a starving man who chances on a huge party of all the foods in the world and decides to consume all that is set before him.

You and I know that he will end up dead from over- indulgence.


A poor man who has tons of dollar notes dumped on him will end up suffocated by the money he needs. Information overload is a problem now. The challenge today is how to determine junk information from useful information. To do that we have to do five important things.

• We have to determine our own personal values and beliefs.
• We have to determine the key areas of our lives that are most
important to us.
• We have to determine our life mission and the goals to achieve
them. • We have to determine what information consistent with our
values, will help us achieve our life goals.
• We have to sort out the information we need into the important
areas of our lives where we function.
I sort out all information into seven major areas of priority in my life.

These are, Spiritual growth, family enrichment, pastoral ministry, leadership skills, education programs, entrepreneurial skills and communication skills. These areas of priority define my pursuits and focus. I may once in a while show interest in fields outside these areas but I generally stay within these limits.


My value system is basically shaped by my Protestant Christian beliefs that affirm faith in God. It is also a belief system that affirms the value of human life and encourages innovation and enterprise. As a result, when sorting data, I look for information that affirms biblical truth and makes them practical for the decisions I make daily. The source of that information may not be directly biblical but if it affirms the harmony of God’s self-revelatory and historical dealings with mankind and offers practical insight into my areas of concern, I will pay close attention to them. Any information that repudiates the moral and
life imperatives established by biblical truth automatically selects itself out of my reference.


In sorting out the value of information I receive, I make a distinction between the timeless principles of the bible and the practices of people in the bible. For example, the practice of King Solomon, a biblical character, was to marry a thousand women but the principle of the bible is for marriages to be monogamous. I don’t blindly follow the practices of people in the bible; I seek out the timeless principles of God. To do that requires a systematic theological enquiry on my part. Please note that you can’t be mentally lazy and still find your way out of the maze of life. To make life meaningful we must put our minds to work.


All of us process information through our paradigms. The paradigm you operate from will make all the difference between starvation and satisfaction in the midst of plenty. A paradigm that places little value on investment and wealth multiplication for example, will always beg from the one who operates from a wealth creation paradigm.

“Inspired by Dr. Mensa Otabil ~ Buy the Future”

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