Sell your Answers to the people

Before you complain about how difficult times have become or how difficult your problem is, think. The problem may not be with the question. It could be your answers which are wrong and not the question. Did you know that somebody somewhere has been able to overcome the challenges you are faced with?

Those who constantly complain about the toughness of the question, never discover the toughness of their brains and the creativity of their minds. Successful people are those who had the commitment to answer the questions we were all asking and later turned around to sell us their answers. They develop strength to lift the weight we are all struggling with and then they make a lifetime vocation of showing us how to do what they did.

You can also stay and make a commitment to finding answers to the world’s questions and market those answers to the world. Pharmaceutical companies all over the world make
loads of money by selling us the answers they got after years of experimentation.
They simply package their answers in little bottles and sell them to us. Your developed strength is key to your viability on earth. Instead of running out of your present difficulty, stay and answer the questions and then sell us your answers.

“Inspired by Dr. Mensa Otabil ~ Buy the Future”

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