Poor or Broke

Poor or Broke?

It is very important to distinguish between being poor and being broke. Many wealthy people have gone broke.

Not having money temporary doesn’t make you a poor person, unworthy or unable.

It is just a phase and learning experience necessary to earn the next level of wealth.

If you have a ‘poverty’ mindset, you are likely to always stay poor.

But if you are broke, you can change your life and money situation around.

Many millionaires have been broken, more than once, only to rebuild their vast wealth, often bigger than before.

You can take all their money but can never take what they learned and who they became.

“Your state of brokenness is a phase of learning” – Amponsah Richard-

Keep learning!

Keep building and rebuilding!

Stay on course and keep the dream alive­čĺ¬.

It won’t be long from now, and you would have a beautiful story to tell and great experiences to share. ­čĹŹ

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