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The “Bottom-up” Approach. by Richard Amponsah

The economy is what it is (not what you think it should be). Rather than trying to change what can’t be changed by insults, anger, demonstrations, etc or blaming the state of the economy for everything that is wrong in it, Leverage it.

Leverage the knowledge of flow and cycles to create change, wealth and money from ‘bottom up, not top down’, as the masses are looking forward to.

Create change internally and don’t rely on external factors outside your control and power. (Remember the economy is not your economy. Lol) You can be booming while the economy is busting.

The time will never be right.

The market will never be in the state of perfect equilibrium but you are constant in every cycle, service and problems solving.

Have awareness of where we are in the cycle and get set about making difference. Innovate, iterate and adapt. See the downside in the upside and the upside in the downside.

Plan for the worst and shoot for the best.

Study trends and solve future challenges before the masses.

Specialize. Hybridize and evolve if the need be. (Never stop learning. You don’t stop learning because you grow old, You only grow old when you stop learning)

Roll up your sleeves when things go wrong and fix them fast (it is too early to be gentle with your arms folded). It’s all within your power. 💪

The best thing about being rich is not the just the money, but more importantly, the things you learn and the person you become along the way.

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