The Goal and the process

Every meaningful life is driven by a goal and every goal thrives on a certain process.

It is very important to have a goal in life but it is also crucial that you identify the process or processes that are necessary to bring the goal into light.

A lot of people have great dreams and astonishing goals but their failure to acknowledge and put in place the procedures that are necessary to make the dream reality is what has kept the goal in dust.

As essential as the process is, it is defined as a set of activities or series of actions that interact to produce a result.

This is to say that every goal must have its own process.

The process may not be smooth but trust me, as far as the goal remains intact, it is worth it.

It is during this stage that your true relevance is refined and well defined.

If you give careful attention to the process and the various stages, you are likely to come out successful.

One thing that I have noticed about the youth is that the few who have goals and greater aspirations either doubt the process or have not thought about it.

I know the dream is big and that is what makes you wonder if you can indeed achieve it.

But if you would, starting from today, break the goal down into smaller achievable units, the process would be easy to go through.

Many, are those who are confused about how to get closer to their goals because they have not thought of one thing called  the process.

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